Sibulan – Negros Oriental

“Sibulan’s Harmony: Where Nature, Heritage, and Progress Unite”

  1. Natural Wonders of Sibulan: Embark on a journey through Sibulan’s lush landscapes, from majestic mountains to scenic waterfalls. Explore destinations like Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park and Mount Talinis to witness the town’s diverse and captivating natural wonders.
  2. Sibulan’s Rich Cultural Heritage: Step back in time by visiting historical sites such as the San Antonio de Padua Church and ancestral houses. Learn about Sibulan’s cultural legacy and how its heritage sites contribute to the town’s identity and sense of community.
  3. Sibulan’s Gateway to Dumaguete: Discover the role of Sibulan as a gateway to Dumaguete City. Explore the town’s transportation hubs, such as the Sibulan Airport and seaports, and understand their impact on local development and connectivity.





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