Siaton – Negros Oriental

“Siaton’s Serenity: A Tranquil Haven of Nature and Culture”

  1. Siaton’s Coastal Retreats: Explore the untouched beauty of Siaton’s coastal areas, featuring pristine beaches and serene coves. Discover hidden gems like Tambobo Bay and experience the tranquility that defines Siaton’s coastal retreats.
  2. Cultural Heritage in Siaton: Immerse yourself in Siaton’s cultural tapestry by visiting historic landmarks, including the St. Nicholas of Bari Church. Learn about the town’s cultural heritage and the significance of its religious and historical sites.
  3. Siaton’s Agri-Tourism Scene: Delve into the town’s agricultural landscape, where lush farms and plantations showcase Siaton’s role in Negros Oriental’s agrarian heritage. Learn about agri-tourism initiatives, traditional farming practices, and the local products that contribute to the town’s economy.








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