SIGHTS OF NEGROS - PHOTO OF THE DAY - Relaxing in the waters of the refreshing Hinutungan River in Sibulan

Photo of the Day for April 09, 2024 – Relaxing in the waters of the refreshing Hinutungan River in Sibulan

As the golden sun began its slow descent behind the rugged peaks of the mountainous hinterlands of Sibulan, Negros Oriental, three women and a young girl enjoying the refreshing waters of the Hinutungan River, their laughter echoing through the serene surroundings. They had spent the weekend immersed in the natural beauty of the mountains.     To get to such places on Negros Island, it is advisable for visitors to be independent of public transport, as some beautiful places are almost impossible to get to without your own transport, be it a motorbike or a car. SIGHTS OF NEGROS recommends taking advantage of the many and recurring promos of RODG Rent a Car Dumaguete. Now, as they prepared to head back to the city, their hearts were filled with the memories of their time spent in the mountains. The young girl, her face beaming with joy, splashed playfully in the water, while the women watched on with fondness and affection. As they looked out over the valley, their gaze stretched beyond the lush greenery to the distant horizon where the sea met the sky. In the distance, they could see the coastal town of Bais City, its buildings nestled along the shoreline, bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun. In that moment, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the company of loved ones, they felt a sense of peace and contentment wash over them. Though their weekend in the mountains was coming to an end, they knew that the memories they had created would stay with them forever, a reminder of the beauty and magic of the mountains of Negros Oriental.   See the video of an enjoyable weekend in the mountains of Sibulan: WEEKEND TRIP to the MOUNTAIN VIEW of SIBULAN

BLOG: Exploring the Visayas arriving at Sibulan Port

As the ferry glided through the crystal clear waters of the Visayan Sea, passengers on board were treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding islands, their lush greenery contrasting with the azure expanse below. Including Negros, a jewel of the Philippine archipelago, known for its rich history, vibrant culture and breathtaking scenery. For travelers from the south of Cebu Island, the ferry ride from Liloan Port in Santander to Sibulan Port in Negros Oriental is the gateway to an unforgettable adventure. As the ferry approaches the port of Sibulan, passengers’ anticipation grows of the wonders that await them on the island of Negros.   PHILIPPINES MAGAZINE – PHOTO OF THE DAY – Exploring the Visayas arriving at Sibulan Port   Leaving the ferry at the busy dock of Sibulan Port, travelers were greeted by the warm tropical breeze and the vibrant energy of the surrounding city. From here, the journey continued to explore the various attractions of Negros Oriental, from pristine beaches to green mountains. However, before embarking on their island adventure, travelers had the opportunity to experience the convenience and efficiency of Miracle Wash Laundromat Services . With branches in both Sibulan and Batinguel, Dumaguete City , Miracle Wash provided the weary travelers with a convenient solution to their laundry needs. Amidst the excitement of exploring Negros Oriental, travelers could rely on Miracle Wash to take care of their laundry and ensure their clothes remained fresh and clean throughout their trip. Whether preparing for a day of sightseeing or relaxing after a day of adventure, Miracle Wash provided travelers passing through Sibulan and Dumaguete City with a reliable and accessible laundry solution. Now travelers could turn their attention to the vibrant markets of Dumaguete City to the tranquil beaches of Dauin Beach. As they ventured further into the interior of the island, they discovered a land full of natural wonders and cultural treasures that provide a glimpse of Negros’ rich heritage. From the bustling streets of Sibulan to the picturesque landscapes of Negros Oriental, every corner of the island invited travelers to discover the hidden treasures. The video about the place Sibulan: SIBULAN – The place

SIGHTS OF NEGROS - PHOTO OF THE DAY -Sweat towel vendor at market in Sibulan

Photo of the Day for February 24, 2024 – Sweat towle vendor at the market in Sibulan

Die Szene entfaltet sich am Markteingang von Sibulan, Negros Oriental, wo die drückende tropische Hitze die Luft schwer macht. Ein fliegender Händler, gekleidet in einfache Kleidung, steht dort mit einem Angebot über seinem Arm und dem Rest an Gürteln, Socken und anderen Dingen auf einer Holzkarre. Vor ihm steht ein müder Arbeiter, dessen Gesicht von Schweißperlen glänzt, während er gegen die Hitze kämpft und gerade eines der Schweißtücher erworben hat.     Die Szene illustriert die Bedeutung dieser fliegenden Händler in den heißen Straßen und Plätzen des Landes, die den Menschen Erleichterung von der sengenden Hitze bieten. Neben den Handtüchern bieten sie auch Wasser und andere Getränke an, um die Durstigen zu erfrischen. Einzelne Zigaretten werden verkauft, begleitet von einem freundlichen Feuerzeugservice. Inmitten des geschäftigen Treibens der Stadt bieten sie auch kleine Imbisse wie Erdnüsse und Bonbons an, um den Hunger der Passanten zu stillen. Die Handtücher, die sie verkaufen, sind oft rund und aus verschiedenen Stoffresten zusammengenäht, im Gegensatz zu den rechteckigen neuen Handtüchern. Diese fliegenden Händler sind mehr als nur Verkäufer; sie sind Helfer und Anker in einer tropenheißen Umgebung, die den Menschen eine kleine Erleichterung und Freude in ihrem Alltag bringen.

SIGHTS OF NEGROS ORIENTAL - NEWS - Over P3.4-M shabu seized in Negros Oriental

Over P3.4-M shabu seized in Negros Oriental

SIBULAN / NEGROS ORIENTAL – Police operatives have arrested Sunday night a suspected drug pusher and seized more than PHP 3.4 million worth of suspected shabu during a sting operation in Sibulan, Negros Oriental. The suspect, only identifed as Rea, 36, was nabbed around 9:30 p.m. during a buy-bust in Purok 3, Barangay Magatas, a report of the Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office (NOPPO) said Monday. Seized from her were more or less 504 grams of suspected shabu with an estimated street value of PHP 3.427 million. Rea is tagged as a high-value individual on the police’s list of suspected drug personalities. Lt. Stephen Polinar, NOPPO spokesperson, said complaints for illegal drug possession and selling were filed against the suspect Monday morning.   Source: PNA

SIGHTS OF NEGROS - PHTO OF THE DAY - Black candles made from recycled wax in Sibulan

Photo of the Day for January 23, 2024 – Black candles made from recycled wax in Sibulan

Nestled in the heart of Sibulan, Negros Oriental, the unassuming San Antonio de Padua Church beckons visitors to this tranquil municipality. Positioned around two kilometers north of Dumaguete Airport, Sibulan embodies Spanish influences, evident in its layout where the Municipal Hall, parks, churches, schools, and trading centers coexist harmoniously.     Constructed in 1953, the bell-gabled San Antonio de Padua Church showcases a simplistic yet charming Romanesque architecture. Unlike traditional churches with towering spires, this structure features a unique design with bells adorning the upper end of its stone wall. The facade exhibits small hollow semi-circular arches, adorned with a glass-encased statue of San Antonio de Padua. The church stands out with its floral ventilation design, multiple windows, and a distinctive main door. This architectural departure from the Baroque-Rococo style seen in many Philippine churches adds to the uniqueness of San Antonio de Padua Church. Anthony of Padua, the church’s namesake, was a Portuguese Catholic priest and friar of the Franciscan Order. Born into wealth in Lisbon, he eventually became renowned for his forceful preaching and expert knowledge of scripture. Canonized as the second-fastest saint and proclaimed a Doctor of the Church on January 16, 1946, Anthony of Padua left a lasting legacy. Facing the San Antonio de Padua Church is the town’s park, a central hub that houses essential facilities such as the police station, Sibulan Central School, a covered auditorium, and the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP). To the west lies Sibulan’s bustling public market, offering an array of fresh produce and goods. Also referred to as Sibulan Church, San Antonio de Padua Church assumes a cross-like formation when viewed from above. Regular masses are held in the morning and afternoon, with multiple schedules available on Sundays. Beyond its religious significance, the church stands as a testament to Sibulan’s unique architectural and historical identity.

SIGHTS of NEGROS ORIENTAL - BLOG - Sibulan - The town

Sibulan – Negros Oriental

“Sibulan’s Harmony: Where Nature, Heritage, and Progress Unite” Natural Wonders of Sibulan: Embark on a journey through Sibulan’s lush landscapes, from majestic mountains to scenic waterfalls. Explore destinations like Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park and Mount Talinis to witness the town’s diverse and captivating natural wonders. Sibulan’s Rich Cultural Heritage: Step back in time by visiting historical sites such as the San Antonio de Padua Church and ancestral houses. Learn about Sibulan’s cultural legacy and how its heritage sites contribute to the town’s identity and sense of community. Sibulan’s Gateway to Dumaguete: Discover the role of Sibulan as a gateway to Dumaguete City. Explore the town’s transportation hubs, such as the Sibulan Airport and seaports, and understand their impact on local development and connectivity.        

SIGHTS OF NEGROS ORIENTAL - Eatery at the port in Sibulan

Photo of the Day for January 16, 2024 – Eatery at the port in Sibulan

When exploring the province of Negros Oriental, part of the sugarbowl of the Philippines, one cannot afford to miss the opportunity to savor the local delicacies available in the countless carinderias, or eateries, and local restaurants scattered throughout the cities and municipalities. The culinary scene reflects a fascinating blend of Spanish, Asian, and international influences, creating a rich and diverse cultural gastronomy.     The Visayan kitchen, in particular, offers a myriad of culinary delights that beckon exploration. Many eateries have evolved into restaurant-like establishments, featuring a combination of made-to-order dishes and slow-simmered creations. In traditional eateries, an array of dishes is presented in pots and trays along a long table. Guests typically make their selections by lifting the lids and pointing out their preferences. A common sight in these establishments is a small BBQ grill complementing the overall setup. On the other hand, more modern eateries showcase their offerings with an appealing display, presenting all dishes in an organized manner. This trend is especially prevalent in food courts within malls and shopping centers.

SIGHTS OF NEGROS ORIENTAL - PHOTO OF THE DAY - Photo - Expansive views in the hinterlands of Sibulan

Photo of the Day for December 28, 2023 – Expansive views in the hinterland of Sibulan

Sibulan Trail   Discover this 21.7-kilometer circular trail near Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. The route is generally classified as moderate and can usually be completed in 5 hours 21 minutes. As the trail is ideal for hiking, mountain biking and walking, you will rarely be alone and will also meet other adventurers during your trip. This trail is located near the Poblacion area of the well-known city of Dumaguete and is a common trail for the locals. The starting point of the trail is at the Sea Oil Gas Station, where you can park your vehicles. There are also a variety of trails in this forest, so you can customize your walk to your liking. There is a river crossing over a bridge and mango plantations are also present in the area. There is also a good combination of uphill and downhill trails that will challenge your ride.

SIGHTS OF NEGROS ORIENTAL - NIA Launches 'Kadiwa ng Pangulo' Program in Negros Oriental Municipality

NIA Launches ‘Kadiwa ng Pangulo’ Program in Negros Oriental Municipality

On Wednesday, the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) inaugurated its Kadiwa ng Pangulo program in Sibulan, Negros Oriental, with the enthusiastic participation of various farmer groups from different towns and cities. Engineer Helen Lacpao, head of the NIA-Negros Oriental Satellite Office, called on the public to rally behind local products and farmers, emphasizing the positive impact on their livelihoods. “The Kadiwa is a strategy where our farmers can directly sell their produce to consumers at lower prices in the absence of middlemen, hence, this is a big help to them, especially for our irrigators’ associations,” Lacpao explained, using a mix of English and Cebuano. This marks the inaugural Kadiwa event organized by NIA in partnership with the Sidlakang Negros Federation of Irrigators Associations, Inc. (SINEFIA) in the province. Engineer Maria Donesa Autida, Acting Section Chief of Operations at NIA-Region 7, encouraged farmers to expand their cultivation efforts, highlighting the newfound platform enabling them to sell directly to consumers. Autida shared that NIA Region 7 recently launched the Kadiwa program in Bohol and Cebu, with plans for a similar initiative in Siquijor on December 1 and 2. “We are supporting the Kadiwa not because of the marching orders of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. but because we see the value of the program and how this can help not just the farmers but the community as well,” Autida stated. Participating farmers and irrigators from various cities and municipalities, including Bayawan City, Sta. Catalina, Siaton, Zamboanguita, Sibulan, Valencia, Tanjay City, Pamplona, Ayungon, Tayasan, Mabinay, Bais City, Canlaon City, Guihulngan City, La Libertad, and Dauin, showcased their produce and products at the NIA-Sibulan compound during the Kadiwa sa NIA event. Expressing gratitude for the positive response from farmers, Nilo Lauron, chairman of SINEFIA, expressed hope for increased collaboration with different farmers’ and irrigators’ associations in the region. Following the launch, Lauron affirmed plans to establish a regular schedule for the Kadiwa at NIA to continually bolster the livelihoods of farmers. Source: PNA