Photo of the Day for February 26, 2024 – The Magtataho or the mobile taho vendor

In the heart of a residential street in Dumaguete City, a Tahô vendor stands with pride, offering a taste of this beloved Filipino snack. Tahô, a delicacy crafted from fresh, velvety tofu, sweet arnibal syrup, and chewy sago pearls, embodies the essence of comfort food cherished across the nation.


SIGHTS OF NEGROS - PHOTO OF THE DAY - A Magtataho in Dumaguete City
SIGHTS OF NEGROS – PHOTO OF THE DAY – A Magtataho in Dumaguete City


Rooted in history, Tahô traces its origins back to Hokkien immigrants who brought the tradition of tāu-hū to the Philippines, evolving into the beloved treat we know today.

Before the break of dawn, the diligent vendor meticulously prepares each component. The tofu, transformed into a luscious custard-like consistency, is complemented by the rich amber hue of caramelized brown sugar, infused with hints of vanilla. Meanwhile, sago pearls are tenderly boiled to perfection, awaiting their place within the ensemble.

The Tahô vendor, a familiar sight in Philippine neighborhoods, gracefully navigates the streets with two aluminum buckets suspended from a carrying pole. One bucket cradles the tofu base while the other holds the precious arnibal, sago pearls, and the day’s earnings.

With a distinct call of “Tahô!” echoing through the air, the vendor captivates the attention of passersby, offering a moment of sweetness amidst the hustle of everyday life. Plastic cups in hand, the vendor expertly layers the components, ensuring each serving is a symphony of flavors and textures.

Whether enjoyed with a spoon, sipped through a straw, or savored straight from the cup, Tahô remains a timeless indulgence. And in regions like Baguio, where innovation thrives, variations such as the enticing strawberry Tahô add a delightful twist to this cherished classic.

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