Sagay City – Negros Occidental

“La Sagay’s Coastal Splendor: Embracing Nature, Cultural Heritage, and Sustainable Aquaculture”

  1. Coastal Majesty of La Sagay: Explore the pristine coastal landscapes of La Sagay, featuring serene beaches, mangrove areas, and vibrant marine ecosystems. Learn about the town’s commitment to preserving its coastal environment and promoting eco-friendly practices.
  2. Cultural Heritage Preservation: Immerse yourself in La Sagay’s cultural heritage by visiting historical sites such as the St. Joseph the Worker Parish Church and ancestral homes. Discover the town’s efforts to safeguard its historical treasures, reflecting the resilience and traditions of its people.
  3. Sustainable Aquaculture Initiatives: Delve into La Sagay’s role in sustainable aquaculture, focusing on responsible fishery practices and marine conservation. Explore community-led initiatives supporting the preservation of marine life and the ecological balance of the coastal areas.





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