La Carlota City – Negros Occidental

“La Carlota’s Essence: A Fusion of Agriculture, Heritage, and Culinary Flair”

  1. Agricultural Symphony of La Carlota: Explore the agricultural richness of La Carlota, characterized by vast sugarcane fields and innovative farming practices. Learn about the town’s contributions to the sugar industry and its commitment to sustainable agriculture.
  2. Heritage Gems and Historical Landmarks: Immerse yourself in La Carlota’s cultural heritage by visiting landmarks like the San Miguel Arcangel Church and ancestral houses. Discover how the town preserves its historical treasures, reflecting the resilience and identity of its community.
  3. Culinary Flair of La Carlota: Indulge in the culinary delights that define La Carlota’s gastronomic scene. From traditional Negrense dishes to local specialties, explore the town’s unique flavors and the role of its culinary heritage in shaping a vibrant and diverse food culture.





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