Photo of the Day for April 08, 2024 – Dieter, the resident videographer of SIGHTS OF NEGROS

In the picturesque province of Negros Oriental, where vibrant culture meets stunning landscapes, Dieter thrived as the resident videographer for “Sights of Negros,” a website dedicated to showcasing the beauty and authenticity of the region. With his trusty camera in hand, he roamed the streets and countryside, capturing the essence of Negros in every frame.

One sunny morning, Dieter found himself at the bustling cattle market in Bacong, a vibrant hub of activity where locals gathered to trade livestock and produce. Surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of the market, Dieter immersed himself in his work, eager to capture the essence of this quintessentially Negrense scene.

As he focused his lens on a magnificent goat, capturing its regal stance and spirited demeanor, he felt a presence behind him. Turning, he saw Gary Webb, a renowned photographer known for his stunning images of rural life in Negros.


Dieter, the resident videographer of SIGHTS OF NEGROS
Dieter, the resident videographer of SIGHTS OF NEGROS – photo by Gary Webb


Gary, drawn by the energy and authenticity of Dieter’s work, had decided to document the videographer in action, capturing the essence of the moment as Dieter worked his magic behind the camera.

With a friendly smile, Gary began snapping away, capturing Dieter’s passion and dedication as he filmed the goat with unwavering focus. Against the backdrop of the bustling market, the two artists found themselves immersed in their craft, each capturing a unique perspective of the scene unfolding before them.

As the morning sun cast its golden light over the market, Dieter and Gary worked in perfect harmony, their cameras clicking in unison as they captured the vibrant spirit of Negros Oriental.

When the shoot was over, Dieter and Gary shared a moment of mutual respect, knowing that they had both captured something special that day. As they parted ways, Dieter couldn’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to showcase the beauty of Negros through his lens, knowing that his work would inspire others to see the region in a new light.

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