La Castellana – Negros Occidental

Headline: “La Castellana: Where Mountain Majesty Meets Agrarian Heritage”

  1. Mount Kanlaon Gateway: Explore La Castellana’s proximity to Mount Kanlaon, the majestic centerpiece of Negros Island. Discover the city’s role as a gateway to the volcano, offering trekking adventures, eco-tourism opportunities, and glimpses into the diverse ecosystems of the surrounding Kanlaon Natural Park.
  2. Agricultural Abundance and Organic Farming: Delve into La Castellana’s rich agricultural heritage and commitment to organic farming practices. Learn about the city’s lush sugarcane fields, diversified crop cultivation, and community-based initiatives promoting sustainable agriculture and rural livelihoods.
  3. Cultural Festivities and Heritage Preservation: Immerse yourself in La Castellana’s vibrant fiesta culture and heritage celebrations. Experience the colorful pageantry of festivals like the Pintaflores Festival, showcasing the city’s unique blend of indigenous traditions, Spanish influences, and contemporary cultural expressions, while fostering pride and preservation of its cultural heritage.



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