Isabela – Negros Occidental

Headline: “Isabela: Where History, Agriculture, and Coastal Charm Converge”

  1. Historical Enclave by the Sea: Explore Isabela’s rich historical heritage, shaped by its colonial past and maritime prominence. Journey through the city’s historic landmarks, Spanish-era churches, and cultural sites that reflect its role as a strategic port town and trading hub along the coastal shores of Negros Occidental.
  2. Agricultural Heartland and Crop Diversity: Delve into Isabela’s agricultural landscape, renowned for its diverse crops and agricultural innovation. Learn about the city’s robust farming sector, which encompasses sugarcane plantations, rice paddies, fruit orchards, and organic farming initiatives, contributing to the region’s agricultural productivity and economic vitality.
  3. Coastal Haven for Nature and Recreation: Experience Isabela’s coastal beauty and recreational offerings along its pristine beaches and scenic coastlines. Engage in water sports, beachcombing, and eco-tours that showcase the city’s marine biodiversity, mangrove ecosystems, and conservation efforts to preserve its natural habitats and coastal resources.



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