Escalante City – Negros Occidental

“Escalante’s Resilient Rhythms: Cultivating Agriculture, Preserving Heritage, and Fostering Community Empowerment”

  1. Agricultural Abundance in Escalante: Explore the agricultural heart of Escalante, known for its vast sugarcane plantations and diverse farming practices. Learn about the town’s contributions to Negros Occidental’s agricultural landscape and its commitment to sustainable farming.
  2. Heritage Preservation Initiatives: Immerse yourself in Escalante’s cultural heritage by visiting historical sites such as the Escalante Cathedral and ancestral homes. Discover the town’s efforts to preserve its rich history, architectural gems, and cultural traditions for future generations.
  3. Community Empowerment in Escalante: Engage with Escalante’s strong sense of community spirit by exploring local initiatives, cooperatives, and community-led projects. Learn how residents come together to address challenges, promote social projects, and empower the community for a brighter future.



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