Cadiz City – Negros Occidental

“Cadiz’s Coastal Grandeur: Nurturing Nature, Embracing Heritage, and Fostering Agricultural Innovation”

  1. Coastal Grandeur of Cadiz: Explore the captivating coastal landscapes of Cadiz, featuring pristine beaches, mangrove areas, and diverse marine life. Discover the town’s commitment to preserving its coastal environment and promoting sustainable practices for future generations.
  2. Heritage Preservation in Cadiz: Immerse yourself in Cadiz’s historical treasures by visiting landmarks such as the San Diego Pro-Cathedral and ancestral houses. Explore the town’s efforts to preserve its rich history, architectural gems, and cultural traditions.
  3. Agricultural Innovation in Cadiz: Delve into Cadiz’s role in agricultural innovation, from traditional sugarcane farming to modern farming practices. Learn about initiatives that showcase the town’s contribution to Negros Occidental’s agricultural economy and sustainable farming methods.



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