Valencia – Negros Oriental

“Valencia’s Tranquil Charm: Nature Retreats, Heritage Trails, and Artistic Flourishes”

  1. Nature Retreats in Valencia: Discover the serene and natural landscapes that define Valencia, from lush mountain retreats to cascading waterfalls. Explore destinations like Pulangbato Falls and Casaroro Falls, highlighting Valencia’s appeal as a nature lover’s haven.
  2. Heritage Trails and Historical Landmarks: Embark on a journey through Valencia’s rich history by exploring heritage sites such as the St. Augustine Church and the Old Valencia Watchtower. Learn about the town’s cultural heritage and the preservation efforts that contribute to its timeless charm.
  3. Artistic Flourishes in Valencia: Uncover Valencia’s artistic side by exploring local art galleries, murals, and cultural events. Learn about the town’s support for the arts, featuring local talents and creative initiatives that add a vibrant touch to Valencia’s cultural scene.




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