Santa Catalina – Negros Oriental

“Santa Catalina’s Coastal Charisma: Embracing Nature’s Bounty, Cultural Heritage, and Fishing Traditions”

  1. Coastal Bounty of Santa Catalina: Explore the coastal allure of Santa Catalina, showcasing pristine beaches, mangrove ecosystems, and vibrant marine life. Learn about the town’s commitment to preserving its coastal treasures and sustaining its natural beauty.
  2. Cultural Tapestry of Santa Catalina: Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Santa Catalina by visiting landmarks such as the St. Catherine of Alexandria Church. Discover the town’s cultural heritage and the traditions that contribute to its unique identity and vibrant community spirit.
  3. Fishing Traditions and Maritime Heritage: Dive into Santa Catalina’s maritime legacy by exploring its fishing traditions and the role of the fishing industry in the town’s economy. Learn about local initiatives to promote sustainable fishing practices and preserve the maritime heritage of the community.



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