Himamaylan City – Negros Occidental

Headline: “Himamaylan’s Natural Haven: Exploring Mountain Retreats, Agri-Tourism Gems, and Cultural Heritage”

  1. Mountain Retreats of Himamaylan: Discover the natural beauty of Himamaylan through its mountain retreats, featuring lush landscapes, waterfalls, and captivating views. Explore eco-tourism destinations like Gawahon Eco-Park, highlighting the town’s commitment to preserving its scenic mountainous areas.
  2. Agri-Tourism Gems in Himamaylan: Delve into Himamaylan’s agricultural landscape, showcasing its role in Negros Occidental’s agri-tourism scene. Learn about local farms, plantations, and agri-tourism initiatives that contribute to the town’s agrarian heritage and sustainable farming practices.
  3. Cultural Heritage Exploration: Immerse yourself in Himamaylan’s cultural heritage by visiting historical landmarks such as the San Sebastian Cathedral and ancestral houses. Explore the town’s rich history and traditions, reflecting the resilience and unique identity of its community.



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