Binalbagan – Negros Occidental

“Binalbagan: Where Heritage Flourishes Amidst Natural Splendor”

  1. Sugar Capital Legacy: Explore Binalbagan’s rich history as a key player in Negros Occidental’s sugar industry. Delve into the heritage of sugarcane plantations, haciendas, and the enduring influence of sugar on the local economy and culture.
  2. Mount Kanlaon Gateway: Discover Binalbagan’s proximity to Mount Kanlaon, the highest peak in Negros Island. Learn about the city’s role as a gateway to this majestic volcano, offering opportunities for trekking, eco-tourism, and exploration of its diverse flora and fauna.
  3. Cultural Heritage Treasures: Uncover Binalbagan’s architectural heritage through its historic landmarks and ancestral houses. From Spanish colonial-era structures to well-preserved heritage sites, immerse yourself in the city’s cultural legacy and architectural charm.



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