At the beach of Dauin

The town of Dauin in Negros Oriental and not far from the city of Dumaguete has a public beach in the middle of the town. This is shared by bathers, dive boats and several marine protected areas where fishing is not allowed.

In terms of tourists, divers are in the majority here, visiting the dive centers and resorts here. The diving areas are located along the coast and in particular around the small island of Apo, which politically also belongs to Dauin.

In the water at the beach you usually find more locals than tourists. The tourists sit in the shade under the trees with a cool drink and wait for the next dive to experience the wonderful underwater world in Dauin.


The place Dauin has not only interesting things to offer for divers. In the mountainous hinterland there are some gems to explore and visit, which can serve very well as a little diversion between dives.

Some of them I could capture in my video about DAUIN and can be watched here:


DAUIN – The Town

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