With the candle makers of Sibulan

I had paid a visit to the beautiful church of Sibulan. I did not have a great religious upbringing and certainly not Catholic. I am fascinated by these grandiose buildings, often built with donations from those who have the least and saved bitterly from their mouths. When I stepped back out at the far end, where the altar was, I came upon people maintaining an open fire under a large black metal can. After I asked what was going on here, I was told that they were melting down the wax collected from burned candles and making new candles from it. I was then allowed to watch this process. The black candles are sold by the candle women sitting around the church cheaper than the brand new white candles. [siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Gallery”][/siteorigin_widget] Since not only black candles but also white ones are sold, the accumulating wax becomes more and more over time. This can be seen well in a side room where collected wax is stored for later. It looks there like in a coal pit.     This is also all visible in the video: SIBULAN – The Town