Amlan – Negros Oriental

“Amlan’s Coastal Harmony: Where Nature, Culture, and Sustainability Unite”

  1. Coastal Enchantment of Amlan: Explore the coastal wonders of Amlan, featuring pristine beaches, mangrove areas, and serene coastal landscapes. Discover the town’s commitment to preserving its coastal ecosystems and the unique beauty that defines Amlan’s shores.
  2. Cultural Treasures of Amlan: Immerse yourself in Amlan’s cultural heritage by visiting landmarks like the Amlan Church and engaging with local traditions. Learn about the historical significance of cultural sites and events that contribute to Amlan’s rich cultural tapestry.
  3. Sustainable Practices in Amlan: Discover Amlan’s efforts towards sustainability, from eco-friendly initiatives to community-led projects. Explore how the town is embracing sustainable practices in agriculture, tourism, and daily life, contributing to a greener and more environmentally conscious community.




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